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Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung PiGO für Autos - pigoups - 08.06.2017

Hi there!

Guys, we've just launched our project on Indiegogo and I'd like to tell you about it!
PiGO is an uninterruptible power supply to use in cars or in devices with non-stable power. I'm sure you have a lot of trouble with the external power supply disconnections. PiGO saves the output voltage and the uninterrupted devices performance. So, the converter allows the input voltage to the required 5V max and 2.5A while using Raspberry or Arduino.
As a bonus, PiGO has USB 2.0 ports and works like a power bank and a universal charger for all types of smartphones. It is small (64x56x12 mm), lightweight (75 grams) and really useful!

The PiGO voltage control unit specifications:

Input voltage, U 4,5...18V

Consumed current, I 6A

Output voltage, U 5V

Output current, I 5A

Operating temperatures -40...+85C

Standby mode *depends on the battery (Li-Pol 3,7V)

USB 2.0 ports to charge the smartphones 2pcs

USB port output voltage 4,85...5,15V

Output current of USB port 700mA

Additional USB port for Raspberry Pi 1pcs

Port for Raspberry Pi and Arduino 3pcs

Output voltage of Ports 4,9...5,1V

Current per port 2,5A

Product Dimensions 64x56x12mm

Item Weight 75grams

3D model of the case for 3D printing can be downloaded free from the site.

The Set Includes: 
PiGO board, 1 Male Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug Connector, 1 Connector for Raspberry Pi, 1 Connector for Arduino, 1 External Battery Connector, Screws fastening, instruction.
I hope that I've managed to interest you. For more info follow ~ https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pigo-power-supply-arduino-powerbank/x/15069311#/